My Story


Hello and Welcome! 

 The Shutter House is an online home boutique with gathered vintage and vintage inspired items. We have some old, some new, painted and refinished furniture for sale.  My passion is for home décor and vintage furniture. Our style is a little more French Country, Farmhouse, Antique and Vintage Inspired.

As you browse our collection of merchandise, know that each piece has been hand selected by me. Many of my pieces are chosen because they are either unique pieces or one of a kind.  I let each item speak and make a statement in their own way. 

I have been crafty since I was very young around the teenage years.  I would hand sew curtains, pillowcases, and throw pillows for my parent’s home. The love of decorating a home was already my passion and love. Years later, I want to bring this passion of making a home feel warm, cozy, and happy most of all.  So, I opened The Shutter House where you can find vintage home décor and more. 

Thank you for visiting,

The Shutter House